How does our german technology infrared heating system work?

Infrared heating system is like the healthful rays of the sun. Solar radiation emits in different wavelengths. The infrared rays which has long wavelenghts cannot be seen by bare eyes. This heating energy which is very important for life is produced directly by our high-tech infrared system.

What is infrared radiation?

 The biggest infrared radiation source is the Sun. Solar radiation emits in different wavelengths. The infrared rays which has long wavelenghts cannot be seen by bare eyes but can be felt on the skin. This heating energy is so important that you can see all the living creatures try to have some. Animals sunbath all the time, plants compete with each other to reach sunlight.

How do the traditional heaters work?

Traditional heating systems works by heating the air in the room using convection to transfer heat to the surrounding air. The air cycles in the room from the floor to the ceiling. This is the problem of this system , actually. If you open the door or window, the heated air will leave the room. This principle reduces the efficiency.

Calidus Usage Areas

In which areas can it be used?
Calidus Infrared..
What are the advantages of the system?
Compatible with environment

It provides efficiency in energy consumption.It doesn’t cause pollution. It doesn’t cause carbon dioxide and micro dust emission. It is compatible with solar energy systems.


                                                                             Since it doesn’t generate air flow, it doesn’t rise dust. It provides homogenous heat distribution. It feels like natural warmth.It doesn’t dry out the air.It doesn’t cause oxygen loss.


                                                                     Low energy consumption and no maintenance cost. Electrical energy directly converted into heat without any loss. Easy mounting, Long durability, Space saving.

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Energy Consumption

Calidus W800 heats approximately 25 m² area. When used constantly it works avarege 6 hours actively in 24 hours.

Consumption: 0.800Wx6h=4.8KWh

It converts all the consumed electric energy into heat energy. It is highly efficient because it doesn’t use the convection to transfer the heat.

this consumption may vary due to the insulation and orientation of the building. warmth comfort standards of the people.


Would you like the solar energy that you produce keep you warm?

Infrared heater could be preferred in different sizes, colors and images, mounted on wall or ceiling,

Design variety let’s design your infrared heating system together!

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