Infrared Heating Systems

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How Does Our German Technology Infrared Heating System Work?

This heating energy which is very important for life is produced directly by our high-tech infrared system.Infrared Heating System is like the healthful rays of the sun. Solar radiation emits in different wavelengths. The infrared rays which has long wavelenghts cannot be seen by bare eyes.

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Would You Like The Solar Energy That You Produce Keep You Warm?

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Since it doesn’t generate air flow, it doesn’t rise dust. It provides homogenous heat distribution. It feels like natural warmth. It doesn’t dry out the air. It doesn’t cause oxygen loss.


It provides efficiency in energy consumption. It doesn’t cause pollution. It doesn’t cause carbon dioxide and micro dust emission. It is compatible with solar energy systems.


Low energy consumption and no maintenance cost. Electrical energy directly converted into heat without any loss. Easy mounting. Long durability. Space saving.

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Possible Fields Of Application

  • It has a wide range of usage and adjustable
  • Residential and working areas
  • Reducing indoor humidity
  • Spaces which requires special solutions

Infrared Heating Panels

  • Available in different sizes
  • Ceiling and wall mounting
  • Available in all colors and images
  • High qality at a reasonable price
  • Industrial solutions for workspaces


Design Variety
"Let’s design your infrared heating system togethe"
İsmail Bağ
Design Variety
"Let’s design your infrared heating system togethe"

Infrared heater could be preferred in different sizes, colors and images, mounted on wall or ceiling.

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